An instalment of *wergeld. In the case of a *thegn this amounted to one tenth of 1,200s and was, according to *LHP, to be paid within 21 days. For lesser folk, the instalments varied from 12s 6d upwards. As well as an instalment payable by a due date, the term was used of that proportion of the man's wergeld which was to be paid to the nearest relatives of the man who had been killed; following which the dead man's *manbot had to be paid. The healsfang was also used in the late 7c Kentish law as the sum a man who had sacrificed to devils should pay. In LHP, the Latin equivalent is given as apprehensio coelli = seizing by the neck. [OldEngl. < heals = neck + fang = taking]

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .

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